Privacy policy

1. Introduction

Kumon SA is the leading supplementary education brand in the South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Namibia and Zambia. Kumon SA offers Maths and English study programmes for children of all ages and abilities.

Kumon SA has over 220 Study Centres across the African Countries. The structure works through a system of franchise agreements such that each Study Centre is operated by a separate franchise holder known as an “Instructor”.

Kumon SA has personal information about you because you have expressed interest in becoming a franchise holder, applied to become a franchise holder, you are an Instructor or in the process of becoming an Instructor with us.

2. Our commitment to you

Our commitment is to:

  • Keep personal information about you safe and private;
  • Not use personal information for any purpose other than in connection with your expression of interest in becoming, a franchise holder/Instructor, or parents interested to register your child/children in one of our Centres, or any other purpose we expressly communicate to you;
  • Make it easy for you to approach us if you have any concerns or questions relating to the holding of personal information;
  • Not provide personal information to others save where legally required to do so, where otherwise specified in this Privacy Notice or otherwise to assist us with our tasks.

3. How information is collected from you

We may collect information from you:

  • verbally (whether face to face or by telephone),
  • by the completion of paper documents, or
  • by electronic means such as through email or interaction with our website.

Please ensure that all personal information is accurately provided as the information which is held is only as accurate as the information provided in the first place.

If any of the personal information provided changes, please notify us as soon as possible so that the personal information can be updated.

4. What personal information will Kumon collect from you?

If you simply make an enquiry about becoming a franchise holder, we may need no more than basic contact details such that we can provide further information to you. Such details are likely to include your name, address, phone number and email address.

If you apply to become a franchise holder, in addition to the basic contact details, we will need more detailed information. This is likely to include documentation to prove your identity, such as identity document, driving license, utility bill or bank statement, etc.

We are also likely to collect vetting and financial information which may not be gained directly from you. This may include police clearance, information about convictions including spent convictions, credit checks and other financial information such as evidence of solvency, Court Judgments and information about other business interests including directorships.

We will also require information concerning your education and employment history including a CV and reference checks.

If you become a franchise holder we will retain the information referred to above and we will gather information relevant to the administration and performance of your Study Centre.

If you are a parent/guardian, and you want to register your child/children to one of our Kumon Centres, you will be directed to the Microsite of the Kumon Centre of your choice, and easily complete the “Book Assessment Form” as required on the Centre Microsite.

5. Who will Kumon SA provide personal information to?

On occasion, we may provide Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd. (KIE), our parent company based in Japan, with information about you and your Study Centre as necessary for fulfilling its legitimate interests. Specifically, KIE may process your information for statistical purposes and to assist it in refining and further developing (i) Instructor training and (ii) the materials and instruction techniques. No personally identifiable data is retained any longer than 36 months following the ending of a franchise agreement and the data will only be processed in a statistical manner.

We will ensure that appropriate technical and organisational measures are in place such that this data is shared with KIE in a secure way and that it is stored in a secure way.

6. What about outsourcing by Kumon SA?

It is possible that Kumon will work with other contractors to assist us with efficiently and effectively administering and running our business and providing various services. This may include:

  • For IT needs including for the purposes of establishing, developing and maintaining relevant databases including the data collection system and to enable effective communication with Instructors; and,
  • For purposes such as record keeping and accounting, printing and training.

In doing so, we may provide your personal information to such contractors, but we will take measures to ensure that the contractors handle your personal information securely and do not use your personal information for their own purposes. This might include the transfer of personal information outside of South Africa and if this is the case security measures will be taken to protect the integrity and security of the data.

Kumon SA will not provide personal information for use by anyone else, unless:

  • We have your specific consent;
  • It is necessary for health and safety reasons;
  • It is necessary to comply with child protection policies and procedures or otherwise in relation to child welfare and child protection;  or,
  • It is necessary for complying with any other obligations or duties Kumon SA has under the law.
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